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    Speaker & theme Edelle O'Doherty-Nickels

    How targeted nutrient therapy supports mental health

    Cork, Dublin, Galway Sign up
      Maria Plaias Integrative ways to control dysglycemia and address insulin deficiency Cork, Dublin, Galway Sign up
      Catherine O'Keeffe What can you do to alleviate menopause symptoms? - a multidisciplinary approach to menopause Dublin, Cork Sign up
      Michelle Kelly, MSc
    Training Coordinator @Pharma Nord Ireland
    Can nutrition help maximise cognition and clear brain fog? Online
    Tuesday 25 April, 10.00am
    (Dublin time)
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      Brendan O’Brien, MSc regNT
    owner @The Natural Fertility Clinic
    The dangers of chronic inflammation (and how to approach it) Online
    Tuesday 30 May, 10.00am
    (Dublin time)
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      Dr. Urban Alehagen,
    Professor in Cardiology at the University of Linkoping, Sweden, principal investigator for the Kisel-10 study
    VIP Event
    How can science slow down the human ageing process?
    Manchester UK, London UK Sign up
      Lorraine Nicolle, MSc regNT
    Academic and Clinical Nutrition Educator @Pharma Nord UK
    Nutritional support for hypertension Online
    Tuesday 27 June, 10.00am
    (Dublin time)
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