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    Nationwide Training Events

    The events below will go on only if a minimum number of practitioners express interest in the topic. Therefore the dates may be subject to change.
    We strongly advise you to register to keep up to date and avoid disappointment.


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    Speaker & theme Brendan O´Brien Healthy Thyroid functioning - an overview Cork, Dublin Sign up
    Speaker & theme Eileen Hopkins, Linn Thorstensson Mitigate the impact of stress on nutritional status and mental health Limerick, Sligo Sign up
    Speaker & theme Edelle O'Doherty-Nickels What is normal cognitive ageing and how to age well Dublin
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    Speaker & theme Linn Thorstensson How Nutritional Therapy can improve low - mood Dublin
    Sign up
    Speaker & theme Join Edelle O'Doherty-Nickels How much Vitamin D do we need in Ireland to support good health? Cork, Dublin, Galway
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    Speaker & theme Sinead Mitchell, Michelle Kelly How to use Ginkgo Biloba to support your blood circulation Cork, Dublin, Galway
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