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    Box containing Vegetable capsules with 400 mg of liposome-bound turmeric extract

    Optimized highly bioavailable curcumin

    • Contributes to the maintenance of flexible joints
    • Optimized for maximum absorption and bioavailability
    • 400 mg patented* curcumin extract in each capsule
    • 25% curcuminoids
    • Gentle on the stomach
    • 100% natural, suitable for vegetarians and vegans
    • Clinically proven and documented

    *EU patent 1993365

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    BioActive Curcumin

    Pharma Nord

    1 capsule contains   % RDA*
    Curcumin extract 400 mg not determined
    - of which curcuminoids 100 mg not determined

    * RDA = Recommended Dietary Allowance.

    Product Facts


    One capsule daily for adults and children aged 11 and older.
    The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.

    Longvida® is a registered trademark of Verdure Sciences Inc., Patents US 9192644 & EP 1993365.

    Content: 50 capsules = 25 g

    Dark, dry and at room temperature. Keep out of reach of young children.

    A healthy lifestyle and a varied diet are important for maintaining good health.


    Longvida® Curcumin Extract
    Emulsifier: Stearic Acid
    Bulking agent: Maltodextrin
    Capsule shell: Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose
    Emulsifier: Soy lecithin
    Anti-caking agents: Silicon dioxide, Magnesium salts of fatty acid
    Antioxidant: Fatty acid esters of ascorbic acid

    What is BioActive Curcumin?

    BioActive Curcumin is a supplement with vegetable capsules that each contain 400 mg of granular extract of Turmeric root (Curcuma longa L), including 100 mg of the active antioxidant curcuminoids in a formulation that provides optimal bioavailability. BioActive Curcumi is formulated as solid lipid curcumin particles with a curcumin in a free, active form that is easily absorbed.

    Although BioActive Curcumid is predominantly lipid-soluble the product does not have to be taken with meals.
    As there are no animal ingredients in the preparation it is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
    In the United States, the curcumin found in BioActive Curcumi is generally recognized as safe (self-affirmation of GRAS status).

    What is Curcumin?

    Curcuminoids are a group of active substances in turmeric root. Curcuminoids belong to the group of polyphenolic dyes which includes curcumin, among others. Curcumin is the primary curcuminoid in turmeric root. It is the most significant active plant substance and therefore the one that has been studied the most.

    Curcumin with its characteristic orange color also belongs to the group of polyphenolic substances. In nature, these substances are formed by plants and microorganisms. An herb may produce these substances in order to protect it from being attacked by such things as pests, UV-radiation, and wounding.

    Curcumin also contains herbal substances such as saponins, phytosterols, alkaloids, tannins, and starches. At the same time, some of these herbs are considered an important part of a healthy and varied diet.

    Turmeric is probably best known as an essential ingredient in curry powder: It gives curry its characteristic yellowish color.

    The Turmeric plant originated in India and South Asia. The plant is related to Ginger and Cardamom. It has lanceolate leaves and cream-colored flowers. It can reach a height of more than three feet (one meter). Turmeric root contains 2-5% curcumin, depending on where it has been cultivated.

    Official claims

    The EU Food Safety Agency (EFSA) has evaluated the evidence behind the product's content of green tea and has acknowledged the following statements:
    • Helps maintain flexible joints