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    Why your circulation is so vital - and how you can support it!

    Good circulation is essential for your health. It ensures that blood, oxygen, and nutrients reach all parts of your body to enable proper functioning of every single organ. Did you know that with a single tablet of Ginkgo-Biloba Pharma Nord daily, you can help your circulation stay up to speed?

    You probably don’t give it much thought, but have you ever considered how extremely important your blood flow is? Imagine if your brain, muscles, and vital organs like heart, liver, and kidneys could not get the oxygen and nutrients they need to carry out their functions.
    Luckily, most people have good blood circulation, and there are different things you can do to keep the blood gushing through your arteries, veins, and capillaries at all times and at normal speed.


    Ginkgo biloba extract supports your blood flow

    One of the things that has become increasingly popular is Ginkgo biloba, a natural plant extract made from the leaves of the ginkgo tree. This popular extract contains some active ingredients that contribute to normal blood circulation. Ginkgo biloba extract is widely used, especially by seniors with a desire to stay physically and mentally active throughout life.


    Award-winning formula

    Ginkgo Biloba Pharma Nord has won a number of awards in the past in consumer and retailer tests in categories like “highest level of purity” and “best value for money”. The product also came out as the product with the best effect in a British test of 18 commercially available Ginkgo biloba preparations*. The test is published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. Interestingly, several of the competing products contained substantially more Ginkgo biloba extract. However, as the scientists pointed out, unless the extract is standardized you have no way of knowing how much active compound is in it.


    A thoroughly manufactured quality product

    It is a big challenge to manufacture Ginkgo biloba tablets without destroying their sensitive ingredients. Pharma Nord is very much aware of this and because of our insight we are able to make a product that is unique. Ginkgo-Biloba Pharma Nord has a high content of active compounds: The high content of active compounds makes it possible to obtain the desired effect with only 1 tablet twice a day.

    Traditional herbal medicinal product used to alleviate the symptoms of poor blood flow in conditions such as cold hands and feet, exclusively based upon long-standing use. Always read the leaflet.

    You can find more information about Ginkgo-Biloba Pharma Nord here

    *Comparison of Antioxidant Activity in Commercial Ginkgo biloba Preparations. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine Vol. 9. No. 5, 2003.