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    Why you should never run out of vitamin D

    British scientists have looked at vitamin D’s role in immune health and found that with adequate levels of this nutrient, the body defends itself substantially better than when levels run low. Read how you can always be sure of having enough vitamin D in your blood.

    One of vitamin D’s key properties is to make sure that the immune system functions. According to a new study by a team of British scientists from the University of Birmingham, maintaining sufficient vitamin D levels may help the immune cells keep your joints healthy. The scientists looked into how immune cells in the blood perform in relation to vitamin D levels in the body and they found that the immune cells do a much better job when levels of vitamin D are sufficiently high.

    European deficiency problem

    One of the scientists, Professor Martin Hewison, said in an article in The Guardian that vitamin D deficiency is a big problem within the UK population, where almost everyone is likely to be affected by this problem. His statement finds support in a pan-European study that was published a number of years ago and showed that 40% of people in Europe are vitamin D-deficient.

    Vitamin D receptors everywhere
    We have in our bodies vitamin D receptors in virtually all types of cells, suggesting its importance to overall health. The vitamin plays a supportive role in immune health, but it is also essential for maintaining normal bones, normal muscle function and normal blood calcium levels.

    Lack of sunshine

    The richest source of vitamin D is sun exposure. In Ireland, however, it can be difficult to obtain the required amount of sun exposure for adequate vitamin D synthesis. This is particularly challenging during the winter period. Studies have shown though that even in sunny countries like Hungary, Portugal, and Italy, vitamin D deficiency is common.

    Vitamin D with good absorption
    A way of ensuring that you get enough vitamin D on a daily basis is to take D-Pearls. The product is available in 38 microgram and 75 microgram capsules that feature biologically active vitamin D3 in high-quality olive oil in gelatin capsules. Norwegian studies show that this formula is easily absorbed in the body. The studies are published.

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