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Why palm oil?

There's a reason why palm oil is one of the most commonly used oils in food supplements. Palm oil has a neutral taste, it is oxidatively stable and free from trans fat. Pharma Nord's palm oil consists of 38% saturated fatty acids and 62% unsaturated fatty acids, and as the latest research shows, saturated fat does not cause heart disease, in fact it has numerous health benefits. Did you know that your brain consists of 60% fat? Most of which is the saturated kind. By avoiding saturated fat completely, you're robbing your brain of the raw material it needs to function optimally.

Research experts are now calling palm oil a 'super-food' due to its health benefits which are similar to that of coconut oil (which is actually 93% saturated fat). Palm oil is high in fat soluble vitamins which play a role in everything from bone to reproductive health. Its bright orange colour is a result of the high beta-carotene content – an antioxidant that is believed to protect the skin from oxidative stress. If you're still concerned about your saturated fat intake then hopefully this will put things into perspective:

A capsule of Q10 Pharma Nord contains 400 mg of oil, of which approx. 150 mg is saturated. By comparison, you get the same amount of saturated fat by just eating 5 grams of chicken.

Approved, environmentally friendly and sustainable production
The combination of palm oils high antioxidant content (which protects the substance from oxidative stress) and saturated fats (which are heat stable) ensures an oil that is a lot less likely to become rancid. This means that products with palm oil can remain healthy until the sell-by date a few years after production. Pharma Nord uses unhardened palm oil that is free from trans fats.

The oil is produced under the World Wildlife Fund's guidelines and the palm trees are grown on approved agricultural land. This protects the environment, whilst avoiding any disruption to the lifestyle of the indigenous community.