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    Why it is important to recommend the right coenzyme Q10 preparation

    Customers may end up wasting their money if they buy preparations that are not properly absorbed because of poor bio-availability

    Dear store manager,

    There are vast quality differences from one Q10 preparation to another. Even if two products are manufactured with the same high-quality raw material, using the wrong manufacturing process may render a Q10 preparation worthless. Q10 Pharma Nord is supported by over 100 published science studies. This solid documentation proves that the Q10 formula in this particular product is active and effective.

    Absorption determines the effect
    The effect of any given coenzyme Q10 preparation is determined by one single factor: The bio-availability of the active substance.Q10 Pharma Nord contains nature-identical coenzyme Q10 in a high-quality vegetable oil and is manufactured using a special heating process that alters the molecular structure of Q10 from crystal-like formations to light molecules that dissolve entirely at normal body temperature. That way, the single Q10 molecules can easily pass through the intestinal membrane and enter the bloodstream. This is not the case with Q10 preparations where the molecules remain aggregated in insoluble crystals that are not properly dissolved.

    Documented in over 100 studies
    Of the more than 100 published studies that document the effect and absorption of Q10 Pharma Nord, 25 are of the highest scientific standard. The two most recent “gold standard studies” involving Q10 Pharma Nord (Q-Symbio and KiSel-10) are published in esteemed science journals and have attracted wide attention from doctors and scientists internationally. It is on behalf of this exhaustive documentation that Q10 Pharma Nord is a preferred choice, not only with discerning consumers but also scientists, doctors, and health professionals. Because of its reliable quality, Q10 Pharma Nord has been appointed the official science reference of the International Coenzyme Q10 Association (ICQA).

    Expect a rapid effect
    Unlike many of the nutritional supplements that are intended to provide a long-term prophylactic effect and do not necessarily deliver a measurable effect right away, Q10 Pharma Nord (and other high-quality coenzyme Q10 preparations) should normally be expected to provide an effect within days or weeks. If this effect fails to appear, it is likely because the preparation is not properly absorbed in the digestive system.

    A way to ensure satisfied customers
    Q10 Pharma Nord, which is based on nearly 30 years of consumer experience, is considered to be the most well-documented coenzyme Q10 preparation on the market. The solid validation of its bioavailability to humans provides your customers with a guarantee of its quality and effect. It is to your advantage that your customers rest assured that they are investing in a preparation that can be expected to work, and which is safe to consume.

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