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Test your magnesium

05/02/2012Nobody will disagree that magnesium is a very important mineral for our health and that it is important that we get enough magnesium in our diet.

Many benefits of magnesium
In EU countries the reccommended daily allowance (RDA) for Magnesium is between 300 – 400 mg a day. EU food safety agency EFSA acknowledges ten key areas where magnesium has important biological functions in the body. These areas are the body's energy metabolism, our psychological function, electrolyte balance, muscle function, including the function of the heart muscle, our nerve function, the body's cell division, formation of proteins, teeth and bones and also our energy level. A general important function of magnesium is that it controls the calcium level of the cells.

For users of magnesium supplements you can test whether your current magnesium tablet dissolves within a few minutes. This is important to ensure the ionization that is necessary for a good bioavailability. Read how in the box below.

For example if you are using magnesium supplements for your heart, then it is obviously important that your magnesium tablet dissolves in the stomach in order to be absorbed in the intestine. If it passes undissolved through the intestines, your heart muscle will not benefit from it.

Unique high bioavailability
Bio-Magnesium from Pharma Nord consists of three selected magnesium salts, which lie in a matrix that lets the tablet dissolve completely in a glass of water in just a minute or two. Each Bio-Magnesium tablet contains 200 mg of magnesium. Even people with reduced stomach acid will be able to absorb the magnesium content, since a large portion of the tablet will surpass to ionized magnesium ion in water alone. It is therefore only a small portion of the tablet magnesium that needs stomach acid to become ionized.

Magnesium Test
As a consumer you can test if your magnesium tablet dissolves efficiently. Not all do. We have placed two magnesium tablets in each glass of water. To the left a Bio-Magnesium tablet from Pharma Nord is completely dissolved and ready to be absorbed after a few minutes. In the glass to the right we put a magnesium tablet from from a competitor. Even after 24 hours in the water the competitor's tablet  is showing no sign of resolution.


You need not take Bio-Magnesium dissolved in a glass of water, but you can do so, and if you do, evenings will be the best time. The mineral magnesium can hardly be called tasty, but Bio-Magnesium dissolved in a glass of water has no special unpleasant taste.

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