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    Irish cancer researchers: Vitamin D supplements seem to benefit women’s health

    Irish cancer researchers:

    Vitamin D supplements seem to benefit women’s health

    After carefully analysing data from 5,500 females, researchers at the Irish Cancer Society point to daily supplementation with vitamin D as a prudent idea. Continue reading and find out some of the reasons why this nutrient is so essential.

    We all need vitamin D to stay healthy. Now, after crunching the numbers from a large study of 5,500 women in the age group 50-80 years, researchers at the Irish Cancer Society have found that those women, who had been taking vitamin D supplements had a health advantage over those, who did not supplement. The study was led by cancer researchers based at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI).

    Increasing interest in the nutrient

    Vitamin D, or the “sunshine vitamin” as it is also called because we humans are able to synthesise it in our skin, has attracted an increasing amount of attention from science over the past years. Traditionally, vitamin D is known for its role in supporting healthy bones and teeth, but there is much more.

    Vitamin D receptors in all tissues

    We humans also need vitamin D for maintaining a normal, well-functioning immune system, we need it for normal functioning of our muscles, for normal cell division, and a host of other functions. In fact, we have vitamin D receptors in the cells in virtually all parts of our body, which gives us a clue of how important this nutrient is for our health.

    No problem during summer

    During the summer period, where the sun sits sufficiently high in the sky, we can easily produce enough vitamin D to cover our needs just by exposing ourselves to the sun. However, during the winter period, we are challenged at our latitude. A vitamin D supplement is a convenient and safe way to compensate for this shortcoming.

    Documented in studies

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