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    How much monacolin K in your red yeast rice preparation?

    Do you know how much monacolin K your red yeast rice preparation contains?

    Red yeast rice extract contains monacolin K, and the EU has now introduced new legislation concerning the content of this active compound in red yeast rice supplements. With Pharma Nord’s preparation, BioActive Red Yeast Rice, you are guaranteed a product that fully complies with the rules.

    Many consumers are satisfied and confident users of Pharma Nord’s product, BioActive Red Yeast Rice. However, the product’s content of monacolin K has been adjusted in accordance with new legislation.
    Each tablet ofBioActive Red Yeast Rice, contains 83.3 mg of powdered red yeast rice extract and 2.5 mg of monacolin K, which is the active ingredient.
    The product is standardized and manufactured under strict pharmaceutical control to guarantee our consumers a product with the exact same content in every single tablet. The monacolin K content in other products may vary – making it difficult for consumers to feel safe about what they are consuming.

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    A thoroughly tested natural remedy

    Our thorough control includes testing the product for environmental toxins such as citrinin, aflatoxin, dioxins, and heavy metals.  
    Altogether, BioActive Red Yeast Rice,  is a very safe product, and studies show that it is tolerated extremely well. This is one of the reasons why so many consumers ask for this specific monacolin K supplement.

    Fermentation creates the color and active substance

    The red yeast rice is made with a fermentation process that involves culturing the rice with a special type of yeast (Monascus purpureus). This is what gives the rice its characteristic reddish-purple color and its content of natural substances called monacolins.
    The use of fermented red yeast rice is known from the Far East. In China, it can be traced back thousands of years, and red yeast rice is used as a dietary staple in many Asian countries.
    With red yeast rice from Pharma Nord, you can always rest assured that each tablet has the exact same content and delivers the same effect. This makes it much easier and more convenient for you to use the product.

    You can read more about BioActive Red Yeast Rice, here