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Why you should never run out of vitamin D

British scientists have looked at vitamin D’s role in immune health and found that with adequate levels of this nutrient, the body defends itself substantially better than when levels run low. Read how you can always be sure of having enough vitamin D in your blood.

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Why natural energy is safer and better

In the worst case scenario, a single energy drink may be lethal, according to an article in the Sun. The problem appears to be linked to compounds other than the caffeine. If you want to stay energised, a natural product like BioActive Q10 is a more prudent choice. Read on to find out why...

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Ireland has a vitamin D problem

Several studies have shown that there is widespread vitamin D deficiency in Ireland, especially in urban areas such as Dublin. More focus is needed on the “sunshine nutrient”, which we can even get from supplements like BioActive D-Pearls. Read on and find out what makes us deficient...

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Flu shots, vitamin D and immune function

A well-functioning immune system offers good protection against respiratory tract infections, including colds and the flu. One way to maintain a normal immune defence is by getting enough vitamin D. A new British study has looked into the matter...

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