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    Magnesium Salts Of Fatty Acids | Stabilizer and emulsifier

    Magnesium salts of fatty acids with E-Number 470b are a compound containing magnesium and fatty acids. It can be palmitic and stearic acids or animal fatty acids. At room temperature it is a white, tasteless and odourless powder. The substance is also known as magnesium stearate.  

    Magnesium salts of fatty acids are a filler that helps bind active ingredients together in tablets and capsules.

    They do not behave differently in the body than other dietary fats do. There is therefore no legal restriction on how much can be consumed. Magnesium salts of fatty acids can come from both animal and vegetable sources.

    Pharma Nord's magnesium salts of fatty acids are produced in an industrial process where stearic acid is chemically bonded to magnesium oxide.

    The source of stearic acid is vegetable and it is based on palm oil (not RSPO). In general, stearic acid can also be produced from either cottonseed oil or coconut oil. Vegetable stearic acid is produced by hydrogenation of vegetable oil. Stearic acid does not adversely affect the body's cholesterol balance.

    Doubts have been raised about health problems caused by magnesium salts of fatty acids, but this has been shown to be incorrect. Everything becomes toxic if the dosage is too high. With regard to magnesium salts of fatty acids, one needs to consume 2500 mg of the substance per kg of body weight daily to see an incipient toxic effect.