How to get in shape for Summer


Are you dreaming about getting back into your bikini now that Summer is here? Then remember that there is no miracle cure. To achieve sustainable weight loss you must look at it as a lifestyle change. Quick fix diets may be successful to begin with, but they lead to yo-yo weight gain which lowers metabolism and makes it even harder for you to lose weight next time round. Follow the following guidelines for achievable & sustainable weight loss:

1. Plan your meals. When going grocery shopping plan what you will be eating for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Have a prep day at the weekend where you prepare meals for the week. This keeps you on track and stops you making bad choices when hungry.

2. Eat when hungry & stop when full. This may seem obvious but you have to listen to your body. There is no one size fits all eating plan. Some do well on six small meals a day and others feel better with 3 square meals.

3. Cut down on refined carbohydrates. Foods such as cakes, pastries, biscuits, white rice & bread all spike blood sugar and can cause weight gain. Leave the bread and have more protein & salad for lunch, or switch white rice for quinoa or sweet potatoes at dinner.


4. Eat more fibre. The best sources of fibre are vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds. Fibre delays the emptying of the stomach which gives a feeling of satiety and reduces the liklihood of excessive snacking

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